Photo & Video Guidance


Taking photos and sharing on social media is a vital part of promoting I Bike and active travel. It’s important to know the guidelines so that you are confident in sharing the images and videos that you’ve taken.

In general, we rely on schools having photo consents for their pupils. That means we do not use the Sustrans photo consent process for photos and videos of school activities. Officers then just need to check with school staff at the start of an activity to find out if any children should not appear in photos. For large events where it is difficult to keep track of individual pupils, it’s worth thinking more carefully about your approach.

For any activities that are outside of school e.g. adult cycling confidence sessions, the photo consent form must be completed so that any photos, quotes etc can be used. The link to this form is included below.

Sometimes, we just need a general image of someone having a great time being active – We have a media library of photos where you can search find all sorts of photos.

Top Tips

1 For large events (e.g. pedal cinema) some officers have used hi-vis on pupils who should not appear in photos. It’s an easy way to keep track in large groups.
2 Make sure you follow your schools on Twitter – it means you can retweet their photos more easily
3  Share your Twitter info with your schools and ask them to tag you and also @SustransScot
4 You can use the Sustrans Media Library to access pictures for docs or communications, just ensure that you credit the picture when you use it. You can also use pictures from google if these have permissions and the best way to check this is clicking on Tools in Google Images  and ensuring they have creative content permissions.
5  There is an unlisted Youtube page which has many Sustrans Schools Officers video creations – you will need to subscribe to the channel and be added as a member to view content.


Helpful Links

Guidance on the implications of GDPR on taking video and photos. Dated April 2018
FAQs on data protection, and current legislation (the General Data Protection Regulation and Data Protection Act 2018)
Mandatory training on Data Protections needs to be completed
Guide on using the media library
A written guide to media library - includes how to request access
Unlisted video content from schools officers across Sustrans