I Bike Volunteers provide valuable support to our Officers and help create a lasting legacy of active travel in schools.

Without Volunteers, activities such as on-road Bikeability training and led rides would not be able to take place. Volunteers are important role models for pupils and staff within schools.

We have some clips of our fabulous volunteers below: 

There are lots of different ways of volunteering, and the roles are flexible, so people can get involved in a way that suits them and their interests.

  • I Bike volunteer: This is someone who volunteers for Sustrans. They will go through a welcome session, a PVG check and then complete formal training for I Bike activities.  I Bike Volunteers can work at different schools in their local area.
  • Parent Helper: This is someone who gives support for a one-off event.
  • School Volunteer: This is someone who regularly volunteers at the same school. They are covered by the school and local authority PVG procedures.

Sustrans provides training and support for all I Bike activities in schools, from teaching bike maintenance and cycling skills to taking young people safely on a led ride.

To find out more about becoming an I Bike volunteer email SustransVolunteersScotland@sustrans.org.uk