Dr Bike

A Dr Bike event invites pupils to bring their bikes into school for a free safety check.  Bikes are checked by I Bike Officer with help from volunteers. Simple faults are fixed whilst more complex faults are identified for parents to have fixed at a bike shop.  

Training Available

Anyone interested in bike maintenance or Velotech trained can assist.

If you are unqualified you can help with:

  • Safety checking bikes
  • Triaging the bikes for the qualified staff member to fix
  • Inflating tyres

If you have Bronze Velotech qualification (or equivalent) you can also:

  • Make minor alterations to bikes, e.g. tightening handlebars, tightening brakes
  • Complete Dr Bike records (a paper record for children to take home)

If you have Silver or Gold Velotech qualification (or equivalent) you can also

  • Make moderate alterations e.g. changing brake cables”

To request training please contact IBike@sustrans.org.uk