Bike Repair Station

This page tells you all you need to know about our Bike Repair Stations. These are cycle repair stations designed to help Secondary School pupils safety check their own bike & pump up any soft tyres they find.  There is also a locked compartment to store basic tools.

We have a number of these available each year and we ask schools to apply to note their interest. They come with detailed installation instructions. For installation, we can install for schools within 90 min radius of our supplier in Glasgow. For schools that are further afield, we can pay installation costs of up to £600. This is done by submitting an invoice to I Bike.

What do schools need to do?

    1. Note their interest and email completed application forms to their I Bike officer
    2. Let us know where you want to place the repair station by providing some photos. Guidance is in the application form & in the Install Manual
    3. The repair station will be delivered directly to your school
    4. Make arrangements for installation
    5. Get your Pupils to design a poster to personalise the board & get started!


  • Application Form
  • Example of a pre-install document that each school receives
  • Full Installation Manual