Health & Wellbeing

We have collated all activities that focus on pupil health and wellbeing. As lots of these take place outside there is a big overlap with the Outdoor Learning activities!

The children are now much more aware of the positive impact cycling can have on their health. Confidence has definitely increased; children are more willing to go out on their bikes and take them to school.”

Katie, Teacher at Southdale Primary
  • Wellbeing Bingo – Get out to your local area on a walk scoot or cycle and challenge yourself to complete a game of ‘Wellbeing Bingo’!
  • Family Challenge – Think of some fun challenges to get your family active!
  • Mindfulness walks – Pupils calm and slow their busy minds by taking part in some nature-based mindfulness activities, and learn about self-care in the process.
  • Smoothie Bike – Students will learn about healthy eating using the pedal-powered smoothie maker to create a healthy, tasty smoothie!
  • Bike/Scooter Skills – Playground session to teach pupils bike/scooter handling skills. The focus can be on spatial awareness, teamwork, and fitness.
  • Learn to ride – Playground or sports hall sessions to teach pupils how to ride a bike.
  • Wellbeing – Zen Den & Yoga Activities –  brilliant activities to help enhance your well-being and get you looking after your mind and your body.
  • Keeping Active Indoors – We have some ideas about how to stay active when you’re indoors
  • Road Safety Assembly/Classroom session – Discuss the importance of road safety; hazard awareness, crossing a road, being seen. Scooter and Bike safety equipment.
  • Suss it Out sessions – 6 lesson plans covering a variety of themes around road safety, future journeys, activity, healthy heart and exploring their area.
  • Big Street Survey – A series of lessons during which students improve their knowledge of the streets around the school, evaluate them based on how the streets make them feel, and then come up with solutions to improve the streets. These findings can be shared with the Local Council.
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