Outdoor Learning

A led bike ride, walk or scoot can be used to actively transport pupils to a local greenspace. This provides excellent opportunities for taking learning outside of the classroom!

The following resources outline some of how I Bike led walks, scoots and rides can provide relevance and depth to the curriculum in ways that are difficult to achieve indoors.

  • Air Pollution Surveys– The class shall travel to two different locations and use lichens to compare and contrast the air quality of the different areas. Students shall carry out a scientific enquiry- set hypotheses, collect data and come to valid conclusions.
  • Orienteering– Using navigation skills students will be asked to locate hidden orienteering points using a map.
  • Mindfulness walks – Evidence suggests that walking can contribute positively to mental health. On a mindfulness walk, pupils will calm and slow their busy minds by taking part in some nature-based mindfulness activities.
  • Santa StrollsA led walk, with a festive theme! Pupils will follow a ‘festive’ trail to crack the ‘Christmas Code’ and make homes for Santa’s elves using natural materials.
  • Air Quality Explorers – Meet our Air Quality Expert to learn about clean air & air pollution. Then find out if the air is clean where you live.
  • Tree Measuring – Activity for P5-7 to learn about tree measuring and then complete Maths & Literacy worksheets. Also includes a creative quiz!
  • Prehistoric Prowl A led walk to link in with a dinosaur class learning topic. Pupils go on a walk to local greenspace and search for hidden dinosaur footprints. The class can also take part in several dinosaur-themed nature-based activities including a ‘prehistoric’ scavenger hunt, dino egg nest building challenge and making a sticky leaf stegosaurus.
  • Houses and Homes Scoot–  A led scoot to link in with the class learning topic of my community. Pupils will use scooters to explore their local area to discover as many different types of houses and homes as they could i.e. flats, semi-detached, detached etc.
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