We have collated activities that focus on STEM topics. These can be modified to meet your needs – just talk to your I Bike officer in the lead up to each activity.  Lots of these activities can take place outside and so there is a big overlap with Outdoor Learning.

  • Bike/Scooter Skills – playground session to teach pupils bike/scooter handling skills. The focus can be on spatial awareness, teamwork, and fitness.
  • Puncture Repair – Teach young people how to repair a punctured inner tube. This a very flexible lesson that uses demonstration and hands-on practice. It can be adapted to most age groups and all abilities.
  • Smoothie Bike – pupils power a bike with a built-in blender, to make healthy smoothies. Smoothie bikes are a great opportunity to link healthy eating and being active. They can also be used to demonstrate green energy.
  • Pedal Cinema – The Pedal Cinema is a film projector and speakers powered solely by pedaling specially adapted static bikes. It is a great tool for promoting cycling as well as the potential for bringing in other areas of the curriculum in a fun way.
  • Dr. Bike – A Dr. Bike event invites pupils to bring their bikes into school for a free safety check. Bikes are checked by I Bike Officer with help from volunteers. Simple faults are fixed whilst more complex faults are identified for parents to have fixed at a bike shop.
  • Junior Dr Bike – a lesson & worksheet that pupils can use to safety check their bike.
  • World of Bikes – find out about the history of bikes & have a go at designing your own!
  • Air Quality Explorers – Meet our Air Quality Expert to learn about clean air & air pollution. Then find out if the air is clean where you live.
  • Tree Measuring – Activity for P5-7 to learn about tree measuring and then complete Maths & Literacy worksheets. Also includes a creative quiz!
  • UN Global Goals – The Sustainable Development Goals are a set of global priorities for ensuring that economic, environmental, social and cultural wellbeing is achieved for everyone around the world. I Bike can use the UN’s global goals for sustainability to deliver STEM lessons through outdoor learning.
  • Air Pollution/ Lichen Survey – The class shall travel to two different locations and use lichens to compare and contrast the air quality of the different areas. Students shall carry out a scientific enquiry – set hypotheses, collect data and come to valid conclusions.
  • Bike Maths – worksheets for Primary school students and a worksheet for Secondary school students. We also have a demonstration clip on how you can measure the circumference of bike wheel using your own bike!
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