Wellbeing Bingo


Get out in your local area on a walk scoot or cycle and challenge yourself to complete a game of ‘Wellbeing Bingo’!

The selection of short bingo activities will encourage you to slow down, take notice and connect to the world around you whilst being active in the outdoors. It is therefore an activity that links directly to the SHANARRI wheel of wellbeing.

Can you get a row? Two rows or even a Full House?! Remember to shout BINGO if you do!

Wellbeing Bingo Worksheet Click here to open

Wellbeing Bingo Worksheet Click the image to open

Needs some words of encouragement to get outside and take part in the Wellbeing Bingo? Have a listen to Jake and why he likes to be in outdoors.

You can also check out I Bike Officers Rowanne, Ali, Iain and Fiona taking part in one of the wellbeing bingo activities in their local areas below.